Liberian Women Demand End To Violence In Liberia; Present A Strong Worded Petition to President George Weah


In an unbinding mood, the Women of Liberia under the rain and cloudy weather held placards, standing as well as lying on the wet floor on Capitol Hill directly opposite the Foreign Ministry crying for an end to the multiple violence meted against women and girls as well as boys across Liberia.

The angry women held placards with several inscriptions but with one message calling on national leaders especially President George Weah, Liberia’s feminist in chief to urgently address their pressing and crucial national issues. The women under the banner: Consortium of women groups through its spokesperson Mmonbeydo Harrell presented a strong worded petition to the Liberian leader with a demand for him to take action in a timely faction something he promised to do in the best interest of the society.

The Women and girls right activist Mmonbeydo Harrell in the petition called for tight security measures at the six quarantined voting places in district fifteen Montserrado County before and after the by-election.

Additionally, the protesting women called on president Weah to institute a zero tolerance policy against government officials who make comments that have the propensity to cause chaos and under the current peace that Liberians are enjoying.

Moreover, the group wants the immediate suspension of Deputy Commissioner of Police Walter Rays for his allege failure to stop a violence incidents in his presence though they did not state clearly the exact incident but it can be recalled through LNP’s Spokesman Moses Carter that officers of the LNP were overwhelmed during the recent National Elections Commission electoral violent incident on 9 Street in Sinkor.

In a bigger picture the women also challenged national government to conduct an independent investigation into all violent cases from 2018 to present and make public all findings within a two-month period.

After raising the necessary awareness through their sit in action in the busy working morning hours in Liberia something that drew the attention of all and as testimony of his resolve to help empower as well as protect the rights of women and girls across Liberia, the Liberian leader (George Weah) graciously march to the petitioners and received their petition statement with a commitment to take prompt action.

President Weah speaking to the protesters reassured the women of his government’s support to protecting the rights of all Liberians including women as evidenced of his recent signing into law of the domestic violence bill.

The women protest came barely a week after the end of the international Mano River Union Women Kukartonue Peace festival.

The women among other things at the end of the festival called for total protection of their rights including empowerment and their security at all levels.

They also called for an end to the multiple abuses of women on both local and national radios and other media network across Liberia. The Liberian leader is on record of warning lawless people in Liberia who usually violate the rights of innocent people to desist.

He also called on law enforcement agencies of government to be proactive in dispensing justice in order for people to build more trust and confidence in the system.

With the two months grace period giving the Liberian leader to act on some of the petitioners statement and with his timely commitment to them to address it, it appearance like the Liberian leader is under pressure to fulfill his commitment as well as relevant government line ministries and agencies are also under serious spotlight to help work and promote as well as protect the rights of women and girls across Liberia.