Liberian Youth To Get Headquarters Soon,Pro Poor Government Promised


Montserrado County District number seven Representative Solomon George has pledged the pro poor government commitment to building the headquarters of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY)

The parent youth body in Liberia since its establishment is yet to have its headquarters something the new administration promised to address soon.

The group (FLY) over the years struggle to meet up with other expenses to ensure effective operations of the activities of young people across the Country and always spend about 50% of its budget on rent from Lebanese business people but if said promise is fulfill it will help reduce a huge financial burden from their shoulders.

Representative George told a gathering of young people that the George Weah Government will deliver the necessary goods for its people and was quick to caution them to give the government a chance to make it happen for all Liberians.

The Chair on youth and sports at the House of Representatives said the biggest example ever for the young people to emulate is that of their current president who really experienced hardship despite that he was focus and determine to achieve his goal thus far, something he wants the young people to follow to the letter for the betterment of the Country.

According to him President Weah is the most educated man in Liberia evidence of been the only Liberian thus far to use his profession to conquer the word.

At the same time the President of the Federation of Liberian Youth Augustine Tamba has renewed calls for the passage of the long delay national youth act of 2013.

According to Mr. Tamba one of the best gifts President Weah can give the young people of Liberia is to ensure the passage of the national youth legal instrument which will greatly help the future leaders of the Country.

He said the visibility as well as permanency of the contribution of the young people to national development will not be fully sustained when there is no permanent youth national structures for them.

The youth mouth peace in said regard also appeal to national government to see the need to build the youth of Liberia headquarters to ensure the effective promotion of youth activities across Liberia.

Tamba who is expected to leave office soon after the end of the pending election added that preparations are in the making for the conduct of the election soon.

He praised the government for making available 30,000 usd for the electoral process as they are working with the ministry of finance and development planning for subsequent disbursement of the funds soon.
Listing some of his achievements under his leadership, he brags that his administration contributed to the conduct of a successful and peaceful elections in 2017 void of any violence from the young people as highly expected including the drafting and distribution of the national youth manifesto and many others.
The outgoing FLY’S boss wants the young people to remain focus and see dialogue as a way of addressing their issues and not through violence.