A group of protesters calling itself Liberia Women Movement Thursday October 18th 2018 took to the streets of Monrovia in a peaceful walk against Injustice, Rape and Violence and a special case relating to the More Then Me Academy saga in the country, where many girls were raped and infected with HIV/AIDS virus instead of giving them quality education. The walk started from the vamoma to the Gender Ministry, Monrovia City Hall and the United Nations Headquarters and was observed by 100s of Liberians women, men, young adults, older people and other humanitarian organizations.

Presenting a petition to the government Liberia, Madam Caroline, head of the group said, the accreditation of the More Them Me Academy should be invoke, the school close down and move to another site. She continue, there should be new appointment of trustee, reassign all 19 schools and demanded the establishment of an independent trustee of funds raised by the More Then Me Academy to cover school fees, uniforms, feeding, transports and medical care of all students throughout their graduation from high school.

Madam Coroline speaking to the media.

She also said, the funds should be administered by a selected Liberia women organization with over sites from a trustee. She added, the institution of health care and psychosocial consoling for all the students of the Academy would help them over come the trauma. Madam Caroline said, the establishment of an independent Audit report of the Academy financial activities in Liberia since 2013 and establishment of independent investigative team to review the activities of the Academy and reviling of key documents will help save many more lives. The petition requested the report of the 2014 investigation of the More Them Me Academy, the parties involved and the results of that investigation. The group continue to call on the government to release the Director of SGBU crime unit of the ministry of Justice Cllr. John A. A. Gabriel and Tenneh Johnson, staff of the said unit from their position, they also expressed their solidarity to the survivor and show their concerns about the well being of the girls. Receiving the petition on behalf of the government was Vice President Chief Jewel Howard Taylor, madam Taylor said, government is putting all measure in place to solve the issue, she added, this is not the only issue but there are similar problems in home and communities and the government is taking measure to solve these problems and give women better opportunity in the society.