Liberians Struggle To Make Ends Meat In The Midst Of Economic Hardship


In the wake of the increase in unemployment in the Country, several Liberians are still striving to make ends meat just to help sustain their families.

Well, one of such persons who is not employed or depending on government for livelihood, is Henry Seaton, a canoe washer.
Henry, age 30, is part of a seven man team that usually wash canoes on the popo beach fishing site in New Kru Town.
Speaking to Kmtv news, the casual labourer told reporter Julius Konton that he and his team members serve as life guards to help fishermen land their canoes safely to avoid it from dumping.

Henry has been doing this job for about three years now due to the lack of job opportunities for him and many other unemployed young people across the nation.
He said the work is very difficult but they have no choice because there is no job in the Country to do as they have families to take care of.
Henry pointed out that he and his team members, especially when business is good, earns about three hundred Liberian dollars a day both for the canoe landing and washing exercise.

“We have been working together as a team for so long and all is peaceful, we share what we collect on a daily basis equally without confusion,” he noted.

Henry said, his share of his daily hustle is always taken home to his family to enable them survive.
Explaining further, he noted that the skillful canoe washing process is intended to prevent the nets from spoiling, mainly during the fishing process.
He said once the canoes are scrubbed properly it gets well smooth and is ready for effective operations.
Fishing is one of the major sources of livelihood mainly for those along the coastal region of the Country.

The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority is currently working on plans to help improve and modernize the sector, to ensure better livelihood for fishermen.