Liberia’s 172nd Independence Celebration Hangs In The Balance As COP Sets New Date For Protest


The Council of Patriots has announced 24, July as a new date for its second protest nationwide.

The pronouncement comes barely 14 days to the commemoration of Liberia’s 172nd Independence which is expected to be graced by several African and World Leaders including partners of Liberia.

In its statement, COP said President Weah and team continue to live in luxury in the midst of the many challenges confronting the citizens.

At a press conference held at Roots FM in central Monrovia, COP says, the period of one month given President Weah to address their demands has expired and in spite of a public commitment to engage in dialogue, the government has engaged in tactics to ridicule, ignore and further neglect its solemn pledge to serve the Liberian People with honesty, dedication and integrity.


The Council of Patriots headed by a few Politicians to include Representative Yekeh Kolubah, Senator Sando Johnson, Abraham Darius Dillon and political talk show host Henry Costa amongst others, President Weah has allegedly blatantly insulted and neglected the Liberian People by his allege refusal to publicly declare his assets and have them verified.

In the midst of the economic challenges, the group noted, the Liberia Chief Executive and his Clan remain insensitive to the daily sufferings of Liberians as he engages in lavish spending on foreign trips as in the case of his recent state visit to the Republic of Guinea where more than one hundred fifty-five thousand United States Dollars is being allegedly expended.

“As we wait for the demands of our petition to be addressed, President George Weah and his Clan continue to indulge in some of the most unspeakable violations of human rights, engage in the wanton abuse and disregard of the public trust and expand the Weah Enterprise”, says Henry Costa.

Costa concluded by stating that the protest is their renewed pledge to save the state and call on all Liberians and international partners to join the march to address the plight of the nation.

Well, some of the people spoken to late Friday evening, expressed fears that the Independence celebration could be disturbed by the protest.

A resident of Paynesville Bernard’s Farm Diaflee Jeremiah Flomo, explained that the demonstration will scare away world leaders who have agreed to attend the Country’s 172nd Independence in Monrovia.

He described the COP as a “bunch of less busy people who are only interested in seeing Liberia in the state of anarchy”.


According to Mr. Flomo, the Henry Costa and others, have no intend to save the state but plunge the Country into chaos.

He urged the Government through the ministry of Justice not to grant any permit to the COP because doing so, will undermine the progress of the state. Meanwhile, business woman Casserlyn Nankulah described Representative Yekeh Kolubah as a “rebel whose interest lies in bringing guns to Liberia and recruit innocent children to damage the hard-earned peace.

“We will not allow our children and our husbands to be used by anyone to satisfy their evil desire”, she told KMTV news.

Madam Nankulah at the same time explained that the best way to solve Liber’s problem is through dialogue and not protest noting that past protests did not yield good results for the Country.

She concluded by admonishing the Council of Patriots to defer the date of the demonstration in order to have a peaceful Independence celebration.

On the other hand, a supporter of the pronounced July 24 protest said the timing is necessary because according to him, it will put the President feet to the fire to meet the needs of the people.

Joseph Nagbe Clarke lamented that Mr. Weah, who he described as a tyrant, will be constrained to listen and address the excruciating pains of the Liberian people on July 24.

The government is yet to make any public statement in regards to the COP July 12 statement.