Chief patron of Sports George Weah Weah joined the many football followers of Liberia to celebrate the Lone and terrific set piece by Sekou Sheriff just inside 22minutes.

It was a clever chip from Sekou that beat pass goalkeeper Loik Maxim of Al-hilal which saw the ATS going alive after few years of darkness sporting wise.

The victory is a relief to Liberia’s growth process as far as football is concerned and a good sign and pressure for the ruling government to do more to improve the game especially with a great and promising talent in the Country.

The visitors had some chances but goalkeeper Tomy Song was just at his best today to prevent any consolation.

All runner of Al-hilal Aziz Shibula skillful played had two Players of LISCR fc yellow carded but his threats were not enough to penetrate the shipping boys cemented defense.

Final score is one zero in favor of the home side.

The victory puts the shipping boys in the advantage as a draw will see them qualify for the next stage of the competition.