Liberian Youth Satta Sheriff Captures UN 2020 SGDS Young Leader Title


Every 2 years, the UN Youth Envoy recognizes 17 young change-makers from around the world for their leadership and contribution to the global Goals. This year, a young Liberian female Satta Sheriff made the list.

As a member of the Young Leaders Initiative, Satta will carry the title of “Young Leader for the SDGs” and will be recognized among the finest talents under 30 for her contributions to the sustainable development goals.

Satta Sheriff

Satta will work to advocate for the Goals in ways that are most accessible and relatable to young people around the world. Promote innovative ways of engaging their audiences and peers in the advocacy and realization of the Goals.

Contribute to the brain trust of young leaders supporting the UN for key moments and initiatives related to the Goals.

As Young Leader of the SDGs, Satta is expected to produce the following deliverables during her two-year mandate.

• Participate in the capacity building program and the announcement of the 2020 Class of Young Leaders during the 75th UN General Assembly, taking place from the 21st to 29th September 2020.

• Develop a work plan in cooperation with the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth that will form the basis of your two-year appointment as Young Leader for the SDGs

• Organise and/or engage in at least four activities a year to inspire young people to learn about and take action for the SDGs.

• Participate in at least one United Nations-sponsored activity and/or event during each year of her appointment.

• Create, share, and publish content on multiple platforms at least four times a year related to your work as Young Leader for the SDGs.

• Submit four progress reports and one final report at the end of your two-year mandate as Young Leader for the SDGs.

This year’s class of the UN Young Leaders for SDGs will represent diverse voices of young people from different regions and industries.

Young Leaders for the SDGs will support efforts to engage young people in the realization of the Goals both through strategic opportunities with the UN and through their existing initiatives, platforms, and networks.

While individual Young Leaders may promote a specific SDG or several goals at once, they will be expected to advocate the Agenda as a whole and give special emphasis to its integrated and universal nature.

The Young Leaders will represent a cadre of leading young people supporting one another as well as the broader mission of the SDGs.

The role of the Young Leaders for the SDGs will be to support the UN in efforts to catalyze a generation of young people who care about the SDGs and are working toward their realization. In particular, the Young Leaders will.

The Young Leaders will be expected to continue their support for the SDGs, and efforts will be made to offer opportunities to engage in UN and partner-led initiatives, speaking opportunities, and other such events as identified by the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth.