LICOS Provides Food, Cash to Kids in Liberia


The Liberia Community in New York, Syracuse, USA, a non-profit and non-political organization has provided food and cash to the Bishop Judith Crag Children Village in Duahzon, Margibi County, and the Zubah Town Reading Program in Paynesville City, Monsterrado County.


The group President Jackson  Yonly, said they provided the Bishop Judith Crag Children Village with 25 bags of rice valued at ($400.00) for this year’s celebration while the Zubah Town Reading Program received an initial contribution of $150USD.

According to Mr. Yonly, their gestures are in the fulfillment of their constitutional and moral duties as a group to Liberians.

Presenting the items at separate locations, the Youth Coordinator of LICOS Mr. Abu Massalley, who is visiting Liberia said, they are deeply concerned about the living condition of Liberians mainly kids.

He said supporting community development, education, health, food, and shelter remains their concerns as Liberians living in the diaspora and will continue to assist groups that are working in such direction in Liberia.

At the Bishop Judith Crag Children Village, Rev Robert Sieh Sr. Director at the entity beaming with a smile when he received the rice, showered praises on the group, and lauded members for their timely intervention.

He said the village has been open since 2015 and build for Liberian children but more support is needed for kids seeking shelter at their facilities.

LICOS was founded in 1975 by Liberian students while studying in Syracuse, New York. In July 2009, the organization was legally recognized as a community within the city of Syracuse.

In furtherance, the current Major of Syracuse, Mr. Ben Walsh, declared July 26 of every year as “Liberian Community Day” through a proclamation. An effort that is highly credited to the community Leadership under Mr. Thomas Nimineh (Served: 2015 – 2019).

Goals and Project’ Justification
LICOS seeks to promote a sense of belonging and establish a support system that provides for the Liberian Community’s general welfare within Syracuse.

Functionally, the organization’s support system fosters community initiatives that identify and support members in times of sorrow, joy, and other circumstances.

Concerning extending this support system to Liberia, the organization’s constitution addresses said concern.

According to the LICOS constitution, Article 3 – Section 3.3, its members are obliged “To establish or support an orphanage within Liberia, to assist Liberian youths and teenagers who have been desolated and deprived of the possibility toward success.”