“Life is Unbearable for Me”: Man 34 Makes SOS Call


By: Abraham Kollie ( Correspondent)

KAKATA, MARGIBI– Life according  to 34-year-old Edwin George is becoming unberable as his face swells each day and he is in pain.

According to George, his condition started as toothache in 2019 and later decided to seek medical checkup at some hospitals in Monrovia.

He narrated that efforts to ease the pain in his tooth or to extract the tooth did not materialized as he was unable to settle his hospital bills.

George, a resident of Genemu, Margibi County is appealing to well-meaning Liberians, state actors and President, George M. Weah to help him seek further medication.

“As I speak to you right now the pain from the Head is terrible for me and it is causing me serious pain that is why I am appealing to philanthropists and member of the Margibi Legislative cuscus , the Superintendent, the Senators and Representatives, including well-meaning Liberians who have the hearts for their fellow humans to help me seek treatment either in Liberia or abroad,” George painfully narrated.

George said Doctors at the ELWA Hospital told him that he was suffering from toothache and asked he return  the next day but was unable to do so due to the long distance.

Mr. George said after  few days he went to the JFK Hospital in Monrovia but the illness was not settled and later, he started applying traditional leaves and his situation continued to increase.

The 34 year – old man said, he applied several medications to the illness but no avail.

Mr. George explained that his two sons are currently residing in Monrovia with a relative and does not have anyone to help him as the children’s mother is seriously ill in Genemu, a village nearly 30 miles away from Kakata City, Margibi County.

He said that based on the severity of the illness, he cannot eat nor drink properly because of the swelling of his face.

Edwin said based on the condition he has been stigmatized in his community by some people.

“Anytime I am walking on the street some people call me all types of names, some say I am a criminal while others say I am  a Zogoe, please help me” George cried.

For support to this struggling young man you can contact the following numbers +231-770412341/ +231888542937.


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