Like husband like wife, as first lady Clar Weah Named Ambassador and Champion for women football in Africa.


Liberia’s First Lady, Clar Weah has been named Ambassador and Champion for Women’s Football in Africa.

The decision was finally reached in Marrakech, Morocco, where a symposium on women’s football was convened to address issues surrounding the game.

Mrs.Weah was representing Liberia along with key actors of Liberia Football Association (LFA), with the hope of making a case to help face some of the major challenges facing women’s football.

FIFA secretary General Fatima Samora, said the Liberian First Lady’s presentation uncovered key areas that should be prioritized on the continent.

She also described the symposium as an eye opener for the game. This is the beginning of a great journey for our country Liberia.
I am so proud to be a member of this change.

Her appointment is a great boast to the promotion of women football in Liberia which has been over looked due to budgetary support, marginalization and many others.

Currently there is a female candidate in the race for the pending LFA election though she and her husband position on who to support is uncertain it is like that the female candidate Rochelle Woodson may have the upper hand due to her recent key appointment.

It is expected that the game in Liberia will improve due to the president keen interest and background and now with his wife’s full involvement more is expected from the CDC led regime.

Courtesy of Sekou Kalasco.