LINAM Partners with FLY in Showing Liberia Musical Talent as 173rd Independence Celebration continues


As Liberia celebrates its 173rd Independence, citizens in and out of the country have been mounting great excitements of choices in building the strong momentum that send a message across the world.

The existence of Liberia’s Independence can be hectically traced when free black slaves and traditional people encountered many years of experiences of colonialism, commonwealth governance, imperial among others rule to become independent.

Liberians see this day as a great achievement that inspires the existence of the country in all areas of lives and a continue blessing from God, the Creator upon the nation.

As celebration in different styles and actions continue though national programs limited due to the world’s pandemic “COVID-19”, some organizations and people have decided to take on some projects that will keep the historical day at its vigor trend.

As part of this, the Liberia National Academy of Music (LINAM) in partnership with the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) under LINAM’s Liberia Premier Choral Society (LIPCS) blessed the country with national songs to include anthems and traditional songs.The yearly initiative demonstrated by the organization according to its Executive Director, Wilmot Bobbroh aims at portraying the core values of national and traditional songs.

LINAM under its Liberia Premier Choral Society (LIPCS) sang songs to include Liberia’s National Anthems, The Lonestar for Ever among other traditional Gospel songs.

The project in partnership with FLY , Wilmot noted is the organizations way of sending happy and prosperous celebration complements to the people of Liberia on every Independence day in the country and beyond.

For his part, the President of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), Amos William told reporters that FLY sees the project as a talent driven program that needs support from the Federation.

According to the President, FLY upon partnering with the organization to demonstrate such program will now take on the initiative “in a stronger way” as a means of dishing out musical latent young Liberians have.

Fly President Amos Williams disclosed to news searchers that the singing ceremony will be recognized and display on a national and yearly basics in a partnership or sponsorship .