“LINSU” Disassociate Itself From Plan Protest, Warns Justice Ministry Not To Give Permit To Counter Protesters


In the wake of the plan December 30, 2019 protest by the Council of Patriots, The Liberia National Students Union said it does not support any campaign intended to promote the selfish desire of the political class.

“We do not support any protest and called on all students across the fifteen political sub divisions of the Country not to participate in said exercise, urged” LINSU’s Secretary General Isaac Muopoh.

Addressing a News Conference Saturday ahead of the Monday’s protest the LINSU’s secretary General at the same time warned the Justice Ministry not to give permit to the group under the banner, Independent Council of Patriots who are also planning a counter protest.

According to LINSU there is no need for any counter protest and encouraged the Justice Ministry to do the right thing in the supreme interest of the people.

“Our focus is to have a peaceful Country where our members, students in particular and Liberians in general will move about their normal businesses in peace and not in fear, Isaac”, added.

Isaac acknowledge that history has reminded them of the inability of African Government to responsively mitigate their issues through dialogues, has always resulted to revolts which derail National peace and democratic practices. And Liberia’s Example is written in the footprint of the History of the Country.

He historicized In 1979, the True Whig Party’s Government failure to responsively mitigate the controversies leading to April 14, 1979 through dialogue, led to a crackdown which murdered many, left many more wounded, properties destroyed, and set the stage for years of devastation and senseless brutal war, but thanks to the United Nations and ECOWAS for their intervention.

LINSU believe that the organizers of the planned protest are swimming in the pool of misinformation and contradictions with different nomenclatures and scattered agendas leading to December 30, 2019 protest as such and many others, the students group has disassociated itself from said protest.

The student group however alarm that the planned counter protest by another group believe to be supporters of the GOL under the banner of the Independent Council of Patriots (ICOP) is ruthless, reckless, inimical, and counterproductive to the peace of our Nation. Said planned action is condemnable and unacceptable.

LINSU is therefore cautioning the Ministry of Justice to reject the attempt by the Independent Council of Patriots (ICOP) to obtain permit to counter Protest. The protection of the national peace and security of Liberia is morally obligatory to all, and our national political actors must all take the lead this term, he concluded.