LISCR dragged 3-0.

Liberia’s Representative to the CAF championship preliminary round LISCR today suffered a three zero convincing defeat at the hands of Sudanese Champions Al-hilal.
The game was dominated by the home side as LISCR players played below standard and were at some point in time seen chasing shadows.
The lack of confidence and coordination in the shipping boys defense led to her conceding two early minutes goals as first half ended two zero.
By from the break LISCR attack looks threatening but that lasted for few minutes due to lack of energy and experience something the home side capitalize on and got the third and final goal of the game as the Sudanese fans were in the stands doing the celebration.
The defeat means the shipping boys despite promise from Coach Tapiah Manneh to qualify to the next stage of the competition proved fruitless unlike what BYC did last year same time in Bamako Mali against Stade Malian.
Some critics attributed LISCR’s defeat to the delay in the Continuation of the local league while others say her failure to score more goals at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium on February 11th puts them at the disadvantage position.