LISGIS Receives 42%Pre packed census materials


Liberia’s Statistical house (LISGIS) is said to be in full readiness to conduct the 2019 National housing and population census.

This is evident when officials of that government body on Friday received 42% Pre -packed census materials from a local printing house called N- Tosh printing house incorporated.
The items all customized and branded with the institution’s logo includes: Memory sticks,skitchtapes, pens and many others were gracious received by the LISGIS boss Professor Francis Wreh.

He said he was impressed especially with the quality of the materials provided for the first phase of the census process.
Prof.Wreh praised the local business house for helping to contribute its quota to national developmental drive.

He added that he was equally thrilled when N- Tosh printing house incorporated provided all eleven sets of the twenty six (26) census materials without any initial payment from national government terming such action as a true sign of patriotism and nationalism to Country.
Mr. Wreh promised that the materials as essential as they are for the workings of LISGIS especially its field officers will be used for its intended purpose.

He at the same time challenged his employees and or field workers to use the materials wisely for the benefit of the Country.

Presenting the items to LISGIS, the officer in charge of the N- Tosh printing house Varney Fahnbulleh commended the Liberian leader for his fulfillment in promoting Liberian own businesses.

He said the awarding of the 2.6m dollar contract to his company is a clear testimony that Liberian businesses as indicated by President George Weah will not be spectators in their own economy.
According to him there are potential Liberians who are up to the task to provide the necessary business environment including the needed goods for the people but lacks more capital to help buttress their efforts.
He is however confident that with the initial steps taken by this government,he is hopeful that things will get better for them.
Mr.Fahnbulleh pointed out that he has all it takes to provide quality service delivery to LISGIS and other government related agencies and institutions once giving the opportunity to do so.

The pre- packed census materials now paves the way for the first phase of the process.

Field officers as scheduled are currently in the fifteen political sub divisions of the Country using the materials to conduct other census related activities.
According to the Deputy Director General For Statistics Alex Williams all machanisms are in place to conduct the counting process in December of 2019.
He said for the first time in Liberia the process will be conducted on a digital grinding basis.
Alex said unlike in the past the new digital process will be fast,easy and update as results from the climax of the entire process will be released sooner than before.
He was quick to commend partners as well as national government for the support to enable them reach thus far.
As per law every ten years a census is to be conducted to know the population of the Country as well as other developmental indicators which can help guide national government including other international partners on specific areas of interventions.

But due to the Ebola crisis,finances and many others, the 2018 census as per law was not conducted.

Currently Liberia’s population as per the 2008 record census is over four million people.