LNP Declares Monrovia ‘A No-Go Zone’ for Motorcyclists


By: Emmanuel  TJ  Kollie ( Reporter)

The Liberia National Police have declared major streets in Monrovia a “No go zone” for motorcycle and tricycle operators plying major streets of the capitol.

The measure according to Deputy Police Commissioner for Operations, Marvin Sarkor is meant to ensure public safety and ease traffic congestion in the Monrovia.

According to Mr. Sarkor, prior to the latest action, a vigorous awareness was carried out using radio and other platforms to inform the public about the restriction which began this January 2021.

He furthered that the LNP, also met with stakeholders in the sector about the latest restrictions to be placed on motorcycles in and around Monrovia.

The Deputy Police Commissioner for Operations said, as it stands, cyclists are restricted to community and feeder roads, warming that any cyclist caught plying on major streets in Monrovia will be deal with accordingly.

“When it comes to public safety we are under obligation in making sure our people are saved and protected.’’ he added.

The Police Deputy Boss (102) named some of the pliable roads to be used by cyclists as Beer Factory to Brewerville, Duala, Point four waterside, red light to ELWA Junction among others.

“This is a political capitol firstly, it holds the seat of the President, Legislature and so we must put in measure to curtain accident.’’ He stressed.

Mr. Sackor said despite the restriction, certain bikes will be exempted including private, NGO and other working bikes with valid permit issued by the Liberia National Police.

The Police 102 said, their latest action have on political attachment, as it is the statutory responsibility of the Liberia National Police to put in measures for the protection and safety of every Liberian citizen.

“During the political campaign we decided to relax the restriction so that everyone can support their candidate and await the new year 2021 to enforce the measure.’’ he intoned .

Marvin Sackor also disclosed that the Police will remain robust in making sure that cyclists live up to the new mandate, stressing that there is also a 10 PM locked down being instituted.