LNP disclaims “Fake” Social Media Video


The Liberia National Police has denied what it calls “unorthodox practice” on the part of some Liberians using social media to spread fake videos and pictures with the aim of denigrating the police.

The LNP in its press release Wednesday said a video being widely circulated on the social Media portraying students being injured on the GW Gibson High School is fake and far from the reality of what occurred when students of MCSS took the streets in demand of teachers salaries on Tuesday.

According to the release, injuries also bing shown in the “fake” videos and picture are footage of injured victims of recent Montserrado District 15 electoral violence.

The release furthers that on March 22 of 2011 LNP’s officers clashed with students of GW Gibson High School which resulted into injuries of students.

Addressing a news conference Wednesday, Police Spokesperson Moss Carter in his words quoted “To tell how fake the video is , the LNP did not have any encounter with students at GW Gibson Campus on Capitol Bye-Pass on Tuesday, October 15, 2011”.

Moses Carter urged would be doers of such “graved” attitude to disengage, something according to him is unpatriotic which has the proclivity to causing chaos and undermining the peace and stability of the state.

Mr. Carter told reporters that the Police Force under their leadership will not use “heavy hand or approaches in dealing with situations except where necessary based on the circumstances”.

According to him, the LNP role in Tuesday’s violent protest was to ensure calm as the result of violence that transpired between MCSS and some private high school students.

The Liberia National Police through its Spokesperson Moses Carter sounded warning to individuals alleged in such habit or face the weight of the law.

“While we appreciate that citizens may have legitimate claims, it is important for such claims to be channeled to government authority(ies) in line with the rule of law instead of violating the rights of peaceful citizens” he added.