LNP Restores Calm at Guinean Embassy Near Monrovia


The Liberian National Police has restored calm at the Guinean Embassy near Monrovia, after a violent protest action by some people believed to be Guinean Nationals who were agitating against the election results being announced by the Guinean National Elections Commission.

A release said Officers of the LNP were swiftly dispatched to the scene of the protest action with a mandate to ensure the protection of the embassy’s infrastructure and its staff.

The violent protesters injured some police officers, including those serving the Emergency Response Unit and the Police Support Unit. Their actions also caused damages to the embassy’s infrastructure and nearby properties.

Fifty five protesters, including thirteen females and fourty two males were arrested and are currently in Police custody undergoing investigation.

They will be duly screened and those who bear the responsibility for the protest action will be made to face the full weight of the law.

The LNP reiterates its commitment to protecting lives and properties while ensuring that the rule of law is strictly upheld.