Magistrates Warned Against Illegal Collection Of Bond Fees


Nimba -Chief Justice Francis S.Korkpor, Sr. has called on magistrates in the country to desist from the illegal collection of bond fees.

Chief justice Korkpor disclosed that there is no law in the Liberian
Constitution that indicates or gives power to magistrates to collect money from people as bond fees, stressing that magistrates
in the country should not be involved in said practice.

Chief Justice Korkpor who spoke at the opening of the February Term of
Court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County recently reminded court workers
that they will be involved with major cases that have the propensity
to tell the public that they are involved with fair judgment in their
respective assignment areas.
He noted that the work of judges are very critical and it needs the
full involvement of local authorities in their assignment areas to prove their ability in rendering sound judgment. According to him, judges are not allowed to hold press conferences or
even respond to media reports.
He explained that the public has bad feeling about the justice system
in the country, adding, “Even when you render fair decisions people will still have different views.”
Chief Justice Korkpor said judges are not lawyers for themselves but rather for the public. Also at the ceremony, Nimba County Superintendant David .Dorr Cooper for his part, called for the need for both the executive and judicial branches to work together in order to achieve the goals of the government.
He observed that in many instances, magistrates, district commissioners and paramount chiefs claim to have power over one another; something the superintendant said disintegrates coordination among the branches of national government. Meanwhile, Cllr. Roland Dahn, former president of the Nimba County Bar Association is now resident judge in the county as two additional lawyers have joined the County Attorney and the Public Defenders respectively. Resident Judge Dahn assured that he will work alongside magistrates
and local authorities in the county in dispensing justice.