“Make Drug Trafficking And Abuse Non-Billable Crime”, Liberian Journalist Admonishes Government…


Monrovia, Liberia-Liberian Journalist and former vice President of the press union of Liberia, has stressed the exigent need for a legislation that will adequately address the issue of drug imputation and abuse in the Country.

Jallah Grayfield told a gathering that he sees no progress in the fight against the usage of harmful substances in the absence of strong laws that will prohibit its importation, sale and intake mostly by young people.

“I recommend that a strong drug law is passed by the national legislature to make drug trafficking and abuse non-billable like rape cases”, says Mr. Grayfield.

According to him, if the Legislature develops a strong law that will punish people for their actions, it will move the Country one step forward.

Delivering the key note address at the observance of International day against drug trafficking and abuse in Monrovia, the Press Union of Liberia ex-Vice President observed that the future of the young people has been compromised due to weak drug laws including the inability of governments to prosecute violators.

Mr. Grayfield furthered, “justice is not being served to people who are being made victims of drug addiction by some of the most powerful individuals in the society”.

He alleged that most of the drug consumed by the public are being brought to the Country by people he referred to as “most powerful and untouchable people in government.

Such individuals, according to him, are being protected by the power of the day.

He challenged the Liberian government to increase the man power of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency including adequate budgetary allotment.

He said due to limited man power to mend the over 100 porous borders, drugs continue to enter the Country.

“Say no to drugs” because its usage is having a dangerous consequence on the nation, Jallah cautioned students, noting that Narcotic trade remains the dangerous enemy of any given place in the world.

He recommended a vigorous anti-drug awareness campaign for all high schools across Liberia to educate students about the negative effects of drugs.

This year’s international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is being observed under the global theme, “health for justice, justice for health”. The United Nations has sought to emphasize that tackling drug abuse leads directly to both health and justice, which are two sides of the same coin.