Man 36 Dies After Tragic Accident in Marshall


By: Angelina Nuah

One person is dead following a tragic motorcycle accident on the Marshall highway, Margibi County, and the driver who escaped the scene has been arrested.

The deceases according to eyewitness is a Ghanaian age 36 only identify as Shatawhyah a resident of  the  Fantin town community.

Not wanting to be named, eyewitness said, Shatawhyah was crossing the main road after helping a friend to transport several firwoods to his ve3hicle on that night of Tuesday February 23, 2021 and why returning, he got knock down by  the motorcycle breaking one of his legs twice.

They told KMTV that  Shatawhyah  was taken to Fantin town community by a good neighbor at the time he was alive and breathing, but was unable to seek medical attention and give up the ghost the next morning due to the lack of clinic or hospital in Marshall City.

The remains of Shatawhyah covered

” I was home and people came to tell me that motorcycle hit the man, I went there and saw him than we took him and carried him in the community. The man leg broke two times but actually we were not expecting the thing to kill him.” a neighbor name withheld said.

Shatawhyah’s lifeless body was seen on a zinc structure on the ground covered with a white cloth to prevent exposure.

KMTV gathered that Shatawhyah was a resident of the West Point Community in Monrovia and went to Marshall to serve as a land keeper for a lady prior to his death.

Locals said, he was a peaceful man and often crack jokes that he was happy hustling in Liberia to acquire and save up some money to return to his  children in Ghana.

“The man used to say I will not get behind anybody woman before they kill me here, I came here to look for money for my children.” an old lady lamented.

Shatawhyah do not have any identified family member in Liberia according to neighbors, but the lady who’s land he was protecting  arrived in Marshall Wednesday to have his remains lay to rest in Liberia.

Community dwellers in that part of Liberia also said that they are living in fear due to the constant mysterious death in their area. ” No car should come here!, This few days people just dying here just like that, someone died just recently and another person has died again.” A neighbor said.