Marcy Health Services Ends Health Mission To Liberia,Conducts 102 Free Surgeries To Liberians

In a move to help provide better health services for the people of Liberia, a team of 23 surgical professionals from the United States of America has ended its free medical services to Liberia.
The team which arrived in the Country June 14, 2019 rendered one hundred and two surgeries to Liberians at the John F. Medical Hospital in Monrovia.
Speaking to reporters ahead of their departure Sunday, the chief operating officer Evelyne Jones said their trip was very successful.
She said though it was a difficult task but they were able to complete their task.
Mrs. Jones said they were glad to help the Liberian government and its people by providing free medical services to the Country.
She named some of the services offered over their eight days stay in Liberia as: General surgery, GYN, ENT, and plastics among others.
” We are happy to always do this and will come back next year”, Mrs. Jones said.
She told reporters that their focus is to help less fortunate and disadvantaged people who needs health care but just can’t afford to get it.
Additionally she noted that they will extend their services to rural parts of Liberia in the future.
Madam Jones praised the Liberian government for being receptive to them from the beginning and to the end of their stay in Liberia.
She pointed out that Liberia’s health sector needs help and they are committed to provide some assistance for the common of the people of Liberia.
The Marcy Health Services operating officer said there are more work to be done in the health sector of Liberia and with more support it can be improved.
The Marcy team as part of their mission to Liberia also visited orphanage homes and fed over one hundred children including donating books and slippers to some orphans of the Country.
The twenty three surgical team from the USA was accompany in Liberia on June 14, 2019 by Ambassador Dee Maxwell Kemayah Sr. ,Liberia’s permanent Representative to the United Nations.