Margibi: Citizens Want Referendum Postponed


By Abraham Kollie (Margibi Correspondent)

Several citizens of Margibi are calling for the cancelation of the upcoming national referendum.

Citizens are expected to vote in a referendum and the senatorial elections in December of this year. Concerns have been raised by scores of organizations, calling on the National Election Commission (NEC) to postpone the referendum due to the lack of enough civic education on the process.

Margibians have also joined the call for the postponement of the national poll. The citizens said, there has not been a single Town Hall meeting conducted by the Government of Liberia regarding the process, adding that they are not knowledgeable about what they are going to vote for.

“The time for the Referendum is short, there has not been any Town Hall meeting or awareness on the referendum so what are we going to vote for, so we are calling on the government not to conduct the referendum on December 8,” the citizens added.

Meanwhile, the citizens are calling for the removal of the clause that is restricting Liberians who may have dual citizenship status from occupying key appointed and elected positions in the Country.
They claimed that Liberians in the Diaspora are making significant contributions to the growth and development of the Country.

The citizens argued that denying Diaspora Liberians the opportunity to occupy key positions in the Country would keep it underdeveloped on grounds they will hold back their investment plans.

The document is quoted as saying “a natural-born citizen of Liberia may hold the citizenship of another country but shall not qualify for elected positions and the following appointed positions: Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia; Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers; all heads of Autonomous Commissions, Agencies and Non-Academic and Research Scientific Institutions and Ambassadors.”