Margibi County: Dozens of Alleged Criminals Arrested after Police Crack Down


Police in Margibi County on Tuesday arrested several alleged criminals in the wake of an increase in criminal activities in the county.

According to Margibi County Police Commissioner Sylvester Hina, the alleged criminals were charged with multiple crimes including arm robbery, harassment, theft of property, and criminal facilitation among others.

The alleged criminals have since been forwarded to the 13th Judicial Cerate Court in Kakata.

Speaking to a team of reporters on Tuesday, December 29, in Kakata, Commissioner Hina added that some of the alleged criminals were arrested on December 25, 2020, as they were harassing peaceful citizens who have gone to celebrate Christmas at the evening hours.

With the recent increase in the rate of criminal activities in Kakata, the police have for the past weeks increased nighttime patrol in an effort to combat crimes.

The Margibi County Police Commissioner is meanwhile calling on the government to beef up the police operation by sending officers of the Police Support Unit(PSU) and other logistics, especially a vehicle, to assist them in the execution of their operations in the county.

He then called on parents to avoid sending their children on the street at midnight hours especially on holidays.

“We are again calling on our parents to protect their children as we gear to celebrate the New year. The police remain committed to protecting lives and properties,” Commissioner Hina added.