Margibi: Kpai Town Residents Wants Basic Social Services


Residents of Kpai Town in District #5 Margibi County have stressed on the the lack of safe drinking water, School , Town Hall, Health Facility and Education amongst others.

They said the lack of those needed facilities are alarming.

On the issue of purified drinking water they said the situation is compelling them to fetch water from polluted creeks due to the lack of hand pumps.

They further explained that the lack of motor road and health facility in Kpai Town normally cause many patients who got sick dead before reaching to a nearby health facilities in the district.

The residents said they usually walk several miles away from their town before fetching water from a nearby creek they claimed is much safer for drinking.

Kpai town has over 200 inhabitants most of them are depending on farmers to survive.

Speaking to KMTV news in Kpai, Town Chief Oforia D.N Wolorggbah indicated that since the establishment of the town, there hasn’t been a hand pump, school, road construction and Town Hall to serve the Town with safe drinking water and other needed facilities.

“Nobody has ever brought a handpump here, we are not supposed to drink from creeks and River because it is not safe for us. Even school, our children grow up without knowing what people call ABC, when people get sick here we rush them to Weala for treatment even our big belly suffered a lot.

Sometimes we will have running stomachs often in this place once it is the rainy season but we can’t do anything because no hand pump here to drink from and the doctors will always tell us to stop drinking from the creeks and Rivers,” Town Chief Oforia D.N Wolorggbah explained.

Mary Tokpah resident of the town noted that they usually sit under a tree to discuss issues affecting the town something she said doing rainy season there is no meeting.

“Even Town Hall we don’t have it here in Kpai Town, we site right under this kola tree to have meeting when the rain coming then the meeting finish” Mary Tokpah noted.

Mai Flomo, a mother of three kids, speaking to KMTV added that it’s challenging to live without safe drinking water as a human depends on Water to survive.

She stressed that her three kids have not been able to attend school because of the lack Elementary school in the town.

Explaining about the birth of her last kid, Mai said she was at the point of death due to the distance when she got in delivery pain.

“My son when it’s raining we can suffer too much because all the specks of dirt come in this only River we are drinking and my Children including all the Women in this town have to walk for almost 10 minutes before getting Water to drink.

Even the road condition here is very bad no motorbike even come in here before car, when I was pregnant for my last born I almost die alone the road to Weala” she added.

She however indicated that residents of the town through the Town Chief have since written a couple of communications to individuals and Government for assistance but to no avail.

The residents use the occasion to call on Humanitarians and other organizations to help the residents of the town get easy access to safe drinking water.

Responding to the locals  of the Kpai Town, a Humanlaterian and Liberian educator Mr. Jonathan S. Copper has vows to construct a modern Town Hall for the residents

Mr. Copper is the founder of the Cooper Foundation in Liberia.

Speaking in Kpai Town Cooper added that he feels the pain of the residents but promised to aid the people one at the time beginning with the construction of a town hall to be contacted.

When asked the citizens about their most Paramount and needed project, they added that sitting in the rain and having town discussion is not best suited for them as such, they will firstly consider the town hall.

Cooper further promised that after the town hall his next project will be the construction of hand pump in the town.

“I feel your pains and I want to apologise for your that, we will firstly construct the town hall in due time and after that we will commence another project” Mr Jonathan S. Cooper explained.

Cooper is providing a tuation Free education for over 200 school going kids in Weala District#5 Margibi County and is supporting several residents of district#5 and its environs further their education, agriculture and business venture aimed at making them self-reliance.

Kpai Town is nearly 45 mile away from  Kakata City, Margibi county.