Margibi Land Administrator to Ease Double Land Sale


The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) through its Margibi County Land Office has called on Estates Land Administrators to immediately halt all land transactions till further notice. This latest decision from the LLA is meant to avoid and completely eradicate the system of double land sales that have affected thousands of land buyers in Margibi.

In his communication on Monday, January 25, Commissioner Joe Dorah said, until Estates Owners are free from the new measures to include, the submission of Letter of Administrations, Court Degree of Sale and inventory on the status of their property, there should be no more Land Transaction on said property.

Margibi County has been one of the hot zones of land conflicts over the years. The new measure, according to Commissioner Dorah was put into place to ensure the fair-share of land transactions between buyers and sellers.

He however warned would-be violators to immediately desist or face the full weight of the Law. Meanwhile, Commissioner Dorah wants individuals wanting to buy land to seek all necessary information from the LLA before going into the transactions.

An effective tracking and monitoring system has been established to Support his office with the Land data system in Margibi.