Margibi: PUP Senatorial Candidate Gets Support from Motorcyclists


A group under the banner, Alliance of Margibi Motorcyclists has endorsed the senatorial bid of People Unification Party (PUP) Candidate and former speaker of the 53rd
National Legislature, Hon James Emmanuel Nuquay.

Motorcyclists from the county capital (kakata) on Wednesday gathered at the head office of the Federation of Motorcycle and Transcycle Union, endorsed and committed themselves to elect Hon. Nuquay comes December 8, 2020.

The Chairmen of the Alliance of Margibi Motorcyclists Mr. Levi Page, reading the endorsement statement said, Motorcyclists from Kakata have observed the many development activities of the PUP Senatorial candidate.

He said upon the election of former speaker Nuquay, in 2005, he stood firm and liberated the common interest of the vast majority, stressing that after a though evaluation of his developmental activities across Margibi, it was realized that the work and contributions done in the first six years impress the expectations of the people he represent leading to his re-election in 2011 to continue addressing the developmental agenda of his constituents.

The Alliance of Margibi Motorcyclists Chairman further noted that Hon. Nuquay, why serving his people in the Liberian Legislature, He proved high degree of competency that led him to the third highest seat in the country (Speaker).

Mr. Page further disclosed that prior to their decision to support the senatorial bid of the PUP candidate and former Director General of the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority LCAA, they as cyclists in Margibi conducted a voter perception survey across the five electoral districts in Margibi County and result shows that he (Nuquay) is the choice of the people in the pending December 8, 2020 senatorial election in Margibi.

“Having meticulous followed your track record both locally and nationally, and winning over 65% of motorcyclists support for the upcoming election, we the motorcyclists of Margibi have observed that you Hon. James Emmanuel Nuquay have served the Legislature for several years, therefore possesses the requisite experience and competent and you are best suited for the senate position in the upcoming mid-term election in Margib.” Page added.

For his part, the Senatorial candidate of the People’s Unification Party (PUP) Hon. James Emmanuel Nuquay accepting the endorsement statement, praised the Alliance of Margibi Motorcyclists and promised to work in the interest of every Margibian if elected senator in the pending December 8 senatorial election in the county.

He called on cyclists not to allow politicians hire them to ride for gas.