Margibi: Shangyou Wood Processing Workers Protest Over Unpaid Salaries, Drag Administrative Manager


By Emmanuel T.J Kollie (Intern)

Over 200 workers of Chinese Shanyou Wood Processing Company in Todee District rural Montserrado County Wednesday staged a protest in demand for unpaid salaries and benefits.

In a bid to get their arrears, the aggrieved workers on July 22, set roadblocks, preventing others from entering or leaving the vicinity of the company, with others were heard chanting slogan “We want our money.’’

According to the aggrieved workers, they have not been paid since January 2020, and have not received a dime from management as payment of salaries, but continued to work.

Speaking to KMTV news on the scene of the protest, the angry protestors alleged that the Administrative and Export Manager of the company, Bruce Nyumah has reportedly refused to pay their salaries.

Mr. Nyumah was dragged out of the company’s fence by the aggrieved workers in demand for the arrears.

“We have been treated like slaves in our own country, and we are prepared to die for our rights,’’ the group’s spokesperson said.

Nyumah, who was later escorted by an armed officer of the Police Support Unit(PSU) assigned at the site of the company, said he as an individual does not have a cent for any worker of the company.

He said it was complete madness to have been treated like a criminal by his fellow compatriots.

Management is said to look into the workers’ plight in the coming days. The aggrieved workers threatened to continue their strike actions if nothing ‘tangible’ is done by the company to address their plights in the coming days.

The Shangyou Wood Processing Company was dedicated by President George Weah in 2019 with the aim of processing rubberwood into furniture. The introduction of the Chinese company saw many jubilating, as thousands believed that it has come to provide job opportunities for Liberians especially those in Montserrrado and Margibi Counties.