Marketers in Kakata City Distress Over Delays in 295K Market Renovation


Over two hundred Marketers, mainly Women at the Kakata City  general Market, early Monday morning peacefully stormed the County Administrative building requesting the County’s Administration to re-open the Kakata general market after months of closure.

A demand they said should allow them continue normal businesses due to failure on the part of Bong Infrastructures Limited to complete the kakata City general market located between Lango Town and Bassa communities respectively.

In their request, the Marketers outlined that Bong Infrastructures Limited  renovation work is long overdue and therefore requested the County officials to give reasons as to why the delay.

Bong Infrastructures Limited, is a Liberian based construction firm owned and operated by politician and Senator of Bong County,  Henry Yallah.

The entity was jointly hired by the African Development Band and the Ministry of Agriculture through its SAPEC program to carry out a ten month modern renovation work at the Kakata City general market with a face value of a little over $295.000 United States Dollars.

The renovation work according to a source closed to Bong Infrastructures Limited CEO started on June 6, 2020 with ten months duration for the project to be completed.

According to the source, due to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing work was stalked and as such they were unable to complete the work in time, but assured that the work will be completed very soon.

Speaking at the gathering of over two hundred marketers in kakata City, was Margibi County Superintendent Jerry Varnie, who said his administration is cognizant and very specific about addressing confronting issues and others challenges affecting citizens especially Marketers in the County but will work out the best modality on how to get them resolved.

Superintendent Jerry Varnie

Speaking further, Margibi County CEO maintained that the government through the County Administration will ensure that the necessary mechanism is put in place to help give re-dress to the Marketers demands aimed at returning to the kakata general market.

He emphasized that documentation containing several recommendations including the delay on the part of Bong Infrastructures Limited, will be presented to Minister Varney A. Sirleaf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in a day or two for his prompt intervention.

He however, constituted a local committee of five and seven members comprising LMA and County Administrative staffs to met on Friday about feedback from the office of the Minister Varney A. Sirleaf.

Meanwhile, the five and seven men committees are expected to meet Superintendent Jerry Varnie on this Friday October 23, 2020  if all goes well with Minister Varney A Sirleaf.