CDC Supporters Allegedly Whips School Principal in Maryland County


By: Bryan B. Dioh ( Correspondent)

Reports from Karlorken City says, the Principal of the Karloken High School has been allegedly flogged by some Supporters of Senatorial Aspirant James Biney.

The flogging of the High School Principal came in awake of his refusal to allowed supporters of Biney to occupied  the Karloken High School for a donation ceremony of Power- Sword machines to residents of Karloken.

Eusebio Towaye, Principal of the institution said, his refusal of allowing Politicians to use the School campus was based on a mandate from the Ministry of Education quoting the Education Standard Policy which forbid the use of School’s Facilities as a Political meeting ground.

“Whatever action I took to locked the School doors was not my own, but it was the Policy that govern the Ministry of Education during this Political season, so I see no reason why the guys taught to behave bad and flogged me.

He called for urgent intervention if not he threatened to take the matter to court if the Education Ministry fails to investigate and hold accountable those who flogged him.

He also alarm that his life is threaten aiming to the facts of the current worsening security situation in Liberia and that the experience with lawless supporters was his first experience.

“Now if you don’t know my bro the guys here often threatening you and even want to dismissed you of your Job.”Towaye indicated.

Explaining his awful ordeal , he noted that on early Tuesday morning he was contacted to have the National Elections Commissioner use the School Campus but was surprise to have encountered such situation.

Mr. Towaye meanwhile refuted claims that at no point in time he has ever allowed Politicians to used the School Campus for Political reasons while indicating that he respect the Ministry of Education Policies.

“No point in time I have ever allow people to use that building my brother, even when I was not Principal I got angry with people at that time who wanted to use the building for Political purposes. So it is funny for less busy people to accused me who doesn’t even like Politic to say I am taking side in the Elections.

He described the act as bad and called for a halt to the constant brutalization of peaceful citizens, especially during this election period.

For his part, George Tambagbessi who is the Discrepancy officer in the Office of Representative Bhofal Chambers and a supporter of Senatorial candidate James Biney who witness the scene said, at no point in time the Principal was flogged as he’s claiming.

He mentioned that the situation which lead to the fight between the supporters of Biney and the Principal of the institution was masterminded by some Supporters of Senator H. Dan Morais.

George Tambagbessi named Epheme Yeah and Water Cole who are also local workers of the National Elections Commissioner as those involved in the crisis.

He indicated that there are evidence to prove his claims. “It was supporters of H. Dan Morais who claimed to be NEC Staffers brought about the fighting after we arranged to use the building. They came here in the name of using the School Facility for NEC activities while we have already arranged for the building first.”

George Tambagbessi arguers that political parties must not be denied of using Public buildings because it’s their government that build school structures.

The alleged flogging of the School Principal is the second violence that erupted in the Karluway District since the inception of Political activities in Maryland County.