Maryland: Police Commander Disrobed for Allegedly Brutalizing Female Officer


Police Chief in Maryland County, Col. Jocab Cummeh has been disrobed for allegedly flogging a female Police officer who sustained several wound on her forehead and is in a critical condition.

Col. Cummeh is undergoing investigation by the professional standard division of the Liberia National Police (LNP), a group of professionals independent individuals set aside to investigate officers misconducts.

According to Officer Rebecca Nimely, she was whipped earlier Thursday, April 30, following a probe from her landlord who she met at the Police deport after his arrest and was undergoing investigation.

She further explained that while engaging her landlord as a professional, she was then approached by her commander who harshly warned her that she was disrupting ‘his mission’ something which led to his actions against her.

“ I quickly recognized my landlord who I saw holding his T-shirt, so I was surprised and I quickly asked my Landlord as to what was going on. As my landlord was responding to me, my commander quickly interfere and asked me why I was spoiling his mission; so I asked him as to ‘what mission I was spoiling for him?’

Officer Rebecca said her probe upset Col. Cummeh who grabbed and physically abused her, thereby inflicting wounds on her forehead and body parts.

The victim Police officer said, her boss lacks good minors as he’s in the constant hobbit of abusing other officers in the country. Sounding more scared, Officer Rebecca threatened not to resume work under Col. Cummeh’s leadership.

“I am not even secure, and I will not be willing to work with that man again.” Meanwhile, several Officers, identity withheld, complained about the reckless attitude of their commander and poor leadership ability.

They grumbled how they are constantly insulted and whenever they complained or attempt to report his attitude, Col. Cummeh will threaten them with dismissal or suspension. The Officers wants the LNP High leadership to properly prosecute their disrobed boss to serve as a deterrent.

Meanwhile, the current health condition of officer Rebecca is critical and needs attention. LNP Inspector General Patrick Sudue, however, confirmed to residents of Maryland County that he has since received such complain, something which immediately led to the national police action to disrobe Commander Cummeh for an onward investigation to the professional standard division of the LNP.

“That action of the Commander was brought to my attention and what we did was to immediately disrobed him in line with our ethics and quickly referred him to the professional standard division of the Police to have him investigated.

We should not allow people to look at the Police ugly and if these things happen, people appear not to have trust in us again, and so we will not be here and such thing happens,” LNP Inspector Sudue indicated.



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