Maryland: Six Candidates Call for a Halt to Counting of Ballots


By Bryan B. Dioh

Six Candidates in the Maryland County senatorial race are calling for a halt to the tallying of votes in the county over suspicion of fraud during the voting process.

The six Candidates include John Ballout and independent Candidate, Wollor E. Toper of the Rainbow Alliance, Eric Giko of the Collaborating Political Parties, William Philph Anderson an independent Candidate and Incumbent Senator H.Dan Morais.

The candidates on Thursday, December 11, presented a position statement to the National Elections Commissioner (NEC) local office in Maryland County claiming that there were frauds identified.

They asserted that they were verbally informed by the County’s Elections Magistrate, Gbaye Syelentu that all their assertions were false and misleading.

“We are disappointed in the current Elections Magistrate here in Maryland and it is very frustrating that we have filed our complaint and he acknowledges receipt of our communication but told us he didn’t agree with what was written in our communication.

“We think this is frustrating and this demonstrates how our democracy has been temper with,” former Senator John Ballout said.

Mr. Ballout said if nothing is done by NEC to speedily investigate the complaint, the Court of competent jurisdiction will the next alternative.

He also stated that there are pieces of evidence available to authenticate their accusations.

“We have pieces of evidence right now to prove our claims, especially with those broken seals on the ballot boxes at the Elections Commission Office here in Maryland.

“We should be very careful with our jobs because as an Elections Magistrate we expect you to remain civil and at least tell us to come for investigation.”

Information reaching KMTV states that investigation into the complaints of the six Candidates is on the way

Meanwhile, the NEC local office in Maryland is yet to comment on the position statement of the six candidates as tallying of election results from various polling centers in the county continues.