Maryland: Worsen Health Condition in House Speaker Bhofal Chambers’ District


By: Bryan Dioh ( Correspondent, Maryland County )

Pregnant women and over thousand residents in Gbolubo Pleebo Sodoken District lives are said to be in danger due to the lack of Health facilities and other basic social services.

The area is represented by House  Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers who is the representative of Pleebo District.

Jocab Numbo, General Town Chief of Gbololu said, the lack of health facilities in their town is contributing to the death of several pregnant women and forcing those pregnant to walk long hours before seeking medical treatment.

He said people who are sick and unable to walk are often carry in Hammock to the nearby Clinics in old Sodoken.

Town Chief Numbo said, “We are dying slowly, and people think we are living a better life here, what have we done to be left alone?”

He said their conditions have not changed as he expressed disappointment in the current government headed by what he termed as ‘their son’ George Weah, who is yet to change their situation, causing them to die slowly each day.

“We don’t have any Clinic here and see how we are plenty. Each time someone is sick, we will carry them on our head and walked for hours, carrying them to the hospital or Clinic and sometimes if God doesn’t feel sorry for us that person we carrying will die.” Numbo stated.

He said despite the operation of the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation  in the town, life is becoming unbearable and they are not benefiting from any social development funds or provided basic social services.

According to him, despite several meetings with the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation authorities which are operating on a vast portion of their land noting seem to be working out for the construction of any Health facility that could save them.

In an apparent frustrated  tone, Town Chief Numbo told KMTV News over the week that their plight needs urgent attention.

Another resident and Chair of the Women in Gbolubo, Jestina Nymandy describe the lack of Clinic in the town as a violation of their rights and are frightening them to even get pregnant.

“We are looking like people who don’t have rights in this country because we are suffering, and no one is helping us at all.  What have we done to them for which they are treating us this way? Our father God say we should bear children as women so we can multiple, but we don’t’ want to born again because we will suffer and later to born our children because of no Clinic they will die. “Jestina Nymandy indicated.