Monrovia City Major Jefferson Koijee has reechoed the need for collective effort in ensuring that the city is green and clean.

Some major areas of the city in recent time have seen with stock pack of dirt that pose health hazard for citizens.

According to the Mayor, citizens should bear the responsibility of making the communities places of living and not continuously creating difficulty for the governance of the city.

He wants Civil Society, youth groups ,women groups to join the endeavor that will make the Monrovia City a conducive livelihood.

Addressing a news conference at the City Hall, Mayor Koijee noted that much criticism with no involvement is not the way forward.

The former CDC Youth League Chair said the City should not be used as a stepping stone to gaining politic endowment.

“I think if you must showcase your care for the country is by helping prevent citizens from health hazard” he added.

The MCC Mayor who at the same acknowledged the huge challenges the City is faced with with it comes to its ordinance told  reporters that efforts are continuously being made in handling the issue but can be realized if citizens who are central players make the necessary difference.

Mindset, political retreats, greed among other things he named are factors leading to the filthiness of Monrovia.