Media-Aid Launches New Training Manual


MediaAid Foundation has officially launched a new training manual to further advance learning at the Peter Quaqua School of Journalism-PQSJ.

The Training Manual comprises a detailed production of hands-on journalism lectures of nearly 20- major courses including learning objectives, evaluations, summaries, class activities, among others.

In a statement Saturday, 5 September to mark the launch, MediaAid Board Chairman Mr. Necus Andrews praised the innovation of the school’s administration, describing it as another milestone for the promotion of media education in Liberia.

Mr. Andrews

A Release quotes Mr. Andrews as saying, the Training Manual has further elevated and distinguished the journalism school.

Titus Tokpah, MediaAid Founder/Executive Director told the gathering that the introduction of a Training Manual would further transform teaching at the Peter Quaqua School of Journalism, thus getting rid of the pamphlets/handouts.

Tokpah disclosed plans for the school to begin producing its own local media textbooks in the next few years.

The MediaAid Chief believes, if learning must be improved in Liberia, teaching materials should be locally researched and produced by Liberian educators, instead of depending on foreign papers.

Meanwhile, the Peter Quaqua School of Journalism has admitted more than 50 new high school graduates and college students into its 9-months intensive diploma training program.

PQSJ is Liberia’s leading media school partnering with US Embassy Monrovia, University of Washington Bothell/Tacoma, among others.