Minister D.Zeogar Wilson put forth several recommendations to improve Basketball growth in Liberia.


Retired Basketball players have been blamed for the downward trend of the second most popular sports in Liberia, (Basketball)
According to youth and sports Minister D. Zoegar Wilson the game is not improving because those who once played the game are not contributing to the development of the next generation of Basketball stars.
According to reports, The Liberia Basketball Association has not organized a successful league in the last two years which the report indicated may be one of the reasons responsible for the backwardness of the game in the country.
Many followers of the game feels the poor leadership at the end of the Liberia basketball Association could be another reason for the under development of the game in the country.
But Youth and Sports Minister D. Zoegar Wilson on the order end blamed those who played the game in the past years for the minor and form in which the game is been run in the Liberia.
Speaking at the regular weekend old timers basketball practice session at the YMCA, the former Mighty Barrolle goalkeeper said the Old Timer Basketball Associations are partly to be blamed for the Poor growth and development of the game of basketball in Liberia:
Former basketball players, he added once played with passion but said is no longer happening.
‘When we played the game, we invested our time and energies, We played the game so well that attendance at game venues surpassed the game of football, We were seen as positive role models,We played at poor facilities.’
We took education seriously and many others, he noted.
This is shameful that non of what we did in the past is taking place now a days. We have turned our backs on a game that helped to make us. We have become men and women of relevance who are selfish and egotistic. We have developed an attitude of “don’t care” if the game develops or grows. We need to develop the Alumni mentality, where in they can help to take care and support the institutions that prepared them for the future which they are hugely benefiting from today, Minister Wilson intoned.

In an effort to improve the game and bring back the lost spirit of it Zeogar called for a Solutions of basketball stakeholders meeting and solicit inputs that would lead to a master strategic plan which could include the following, the construction of basketball courts in communities throughout Liberia, conducts basketball clinics, establish basketball scholarships in high schools and universities, establish mentorship programs for youth, serve as constructive partner between the LBA and other Stakeholders, ensure that Liberia Basketball becomes competitive in Africa and beyond, develop players that would be attractive to universities and colleges abroad among others”he noted.
It is normal in Liberia that retired sports athletes do not contribute to the development of such game and now with the general call for them to contribute to the game if accepted the game could develop.
Meanwhile the National League on Saturday May 5, 2018 kick off at the open air sports Commission on broad street with several entertaining matches.
In Saturday’s game, Sac Base overpowered Barnesville Dragon 86 to 63 points.
In the first division defending champions sensational LPRC Oilers walked away with free points without touching a ball after NPA Pythons failed to honor their game.
Coach Paul Houlsen head coach of LPRCOilers described the return of the LBA national league as a step forward for the progress of the game.