MoJ Conducts Training for Court Actors on Probation


The Ministry of Justice with support from UNDP, has embarked on  training  court actors on probation activities with in Liberia.

Speaking to participants on the influx of inmates in prison and human rights implications, the Chief of Training officer, Col.Eric David said, prison over crowding prison facilities is the failure to address congestion of offenders in detention which leads to violation of human rights.

He further said, the reason for over crowded prison in Liberia is due to, lack of speedy trail, pre-trail detention, lack of police intervention , Inadequate budgetary support to increase prison facility, lack of sufficient and amongst other.

He said, other consequences of prison overcrowding results to awful health problems, lack of health care facilities, insufficient time for inmates recreational activities,  insufficient food among others.

” Human rights do not end at the party of incarceration yet, prison overcrowding violates many of these fundamental protections by subjecting individuals to increase risk of disease, violence and bad living condition; Therefore, the state must take action to address the problem of overcrowding in our prison system,”he recommended.

Also speaking, Atty. Melvin Chineh Said, Justice is a concept on ethics and laws, stressing  that people must behave in a way that is fair, equal and balanced for everyone.

He  lamented several types of Justice including, procedural , distributive, retributive and restorative justices.

Meanwhile, other topics that were taught include, probation, its advantages and pre-sentence investigation report(PSIR).



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