“Misplaced”, U.S. Embassy Classifies timing of COP Protest…


The United States Embassy accredited near Monrovia says it has “read with interest”, the statement of the Council of Patriots, noting that staging a protest “during the week of Liberia’s Independence is misplaced”.

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The Council of Patriots recently announced July 24 as day two of its protest expected to take place nationwide. The group has maintained that Present Weah has failed to meet their demands presented in June.

The pronouncement comes barely 14 days to the commemoration of Liberia’s 172nd Independence which is expected to be graced by several African Presidents and other World leaders including former and current soccer stars.

In a statement issued on Thursday, July 18, the “Embassy says it has read with interest the statement of the Council of Patriots (COP) issued July 12 announcing their intent to stage a nationwide protest beginning July 24”.

The proclamation furthered, “while the U.S. Embassy supports the rights of citizens to lawfully apply to assemble or convey their views to elected officials, the intent to do so during the week of July 22 is misplaced”.

U.S. Ambassador Christine Elder noted, the pronouncement particularly from a group under the banner ‘Council of Patriots’ and from an entity which avows that patriotism remains central to their efforts, staging such actions as they have outlined, during independence celebrations, would instead convey a lack of commitment to national development.

“Ideally, events surrounding upcoming national celebrations should be devoid of partisan promotion or posturing, focusing instead on working together for the common good of the Liberian people”, says the U.S. Envoy.

The executive mansion recently warned organizers of July 24 demonstration stating that the government would not tolerate their action.

Addressing the Executive mansion regular Tuesday Press Conference, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary said there will be consequences should the protest go on without a permit from the Ministry of Justice.

In response, one of the planners of the protest, Mohammed Ali told news men that there is no known law that mandates anyone to seek permit before exercising their constitutional franchise.

However, Mr. Ali said they will officially notify the Ministry of Justice relative to the protest.