Mixed Reactions over Timothy Call Up


Two weeks after making his professional debut for French champions Paris Saint Germaine, Timothy Weah has received his first senior call-up to the United States of America soccer team.

The 18-year-old striker, son of Liberia’s President George Weah, was named by the US caretaker manager David Sarachan in a 22 men squad to face Paraguay in a Friendly on March 27.

The young Weah was born in Brooklyn and grew up in New York and Florida. He played briefly for New York Red Bull Youth Academy before moving to PSG three years ago.

After scoring a hat trick against Paraguay at the Under-17 World Cup last October, Tim was being monitor by Sarachan.

In reaction to his selection, he wrote on social media: “Feeling extremely blessed and honored to receive my first call-up to the senior USMNT.

“I thank God and my parents for guiding me along the way and also to everyone who has stuck behind me and supported me throughout my journey; now it’s time to start this new chapter in my life and I’m always up for a challenge. #Trust the process”.

But his decision, which reaffirmed his allegiance to the United States national team over Liberia, has sparked mixed reactions in the home of his father as Some are still hopeful that Tim would switch allegiance.

“Tim’s action choosing USA over his father country is not the best thing for him.”

“President Weah should be able to convince his son to represent Liberia because it is Liberia that gave birth to him,” says Patrick Swen, a member of a popular intellectual forum downtown Monrovia.

Swen argues that Timothy’s decision “is not the best for Liberia” as his action will have a serious effect on his father’s political life”.

“I feel the decision little Weah has taken will affect his father political life because he should be the one to take the first step in encouraging his son and other Liberian players to come and play for the Lone Star.”

Emmanuel Nimely, a resident of ELWA community, disagrees with Swen’s assertion.

“Timothy is 18 years old now so his father does not have the right over decisions he makes, so let us leave the President alone, he has other important things to concentrate on,” Nimely argued .

“Tim was born, raised, and schooled in the States, he even played for the U.S. U-17 soccer team, logically, which country’s soccer team would he had wished to play for?

It would be unfair if his father ever requested him to play for the Lone Star senior team. The decision is his (Tim) and only his,” adds Louis York.

Boima Jimmy Ngebla Jr. said: “The kid is making the right decision, if I am not mistaken he was born in the USA and all his soccer growth came from there besides Liberia sports budget is little”.

But Daniel Kollie, a resident of Bushrod Island, blames the Liberia Football Association for losing Timothy to the US squad.

“LFA is responsible for the kid’s decision to reject Liberia because no proper football programs for the youth of the country.”

“In addition, the senior national team players are not been taken care of well so why will a kid want to come to play for Liberia,” Kollie said.

Argues Franklin Blackie: “Blind loyalists, being born to a Liberian father also gave him the right to become a Liberian as well.

“Secondly, looking at his father position in Liberia should also give him the feelings of giving back.
With the new administration dream of improving the game coupled with the full interest and experience of his father many are hopeful that little Tim still has time to make the wisest decision in the Interest of his father land and to as well save the image and record of his father.