Mixed views amongst Liberians following VP Taylor’s open Letter to President George Weah.

Liberians have heavily blasted Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor following her open apology to President George Weah.
VP Taylor in her open apology to the Liberian leader promised not to repeat what she did.
Contrary to statue and constitutional provisions,Madam Taylor is on record for travelling out of the Country without the consent or approval of the Country’s chief executive


However it is still unclear whether the VP’s action was done knowingly or unknowingly.
But speaking to reporters In a harsh tune some Liberians noted that it was unfair and undemocratic on the part of the VP to do such.
According to some of them madam Taylor’s action was allegedly intentional noting that it speaks to the fact of her allege power greed attitude something this media entity can’t independently verify.
“The VP is allegedly power greed and she most be careful,an angry” Liberian said.
Diplomatically speaking a legal student told reporters that the VP’s open apology was in his words allegedly immature and intended to bring the government to public disrepute as well as buy public sentiment for her untimely and allege ambitious action”,he intoned.
The legal student reading law at the University of Liberia who beg not to be named added that madam Taylor should have settled scores with President Weah in close doors then coming to the public.
However some Liberians urged the President to be guided against mere gossips from other government officials which they indicated has the propensity to sway away the focus of the pro poor agenda.
On the other hand, a concern Liberian lauded the VP for what he termed as timely apology to President Weah in the best interest and spirit of reconciliation but quickly warned her not to repeat same.
Political pundits are of the conviction that the open apology by the VP speaks volume about several unresolved in house issues between the president and the vice President which they noted should be resolved quickly in the interest of the pro poor agenda and Liberians in general.
They noted that such alleged early bickering between the president and vice President of Liberia is untimely and worrisome to the forward match of the Country and the new government.