MoH, Liberia Crusades for Peace Complete Nationwide Health Awareness


The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Liberia Crusaders for Peace has completed a nationwide health awareness on the prevention of coronavirus in the country.

The camping which covered the 15 counties was aimed at educating citizens particularly rural dwellers on preventive measures against the coronavirus in the country targeting traditional leaders, the disabled community, and market women.

The Executive Director of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace Julie Endee, in her community engagement programs, explained the importance of hand-washing, using face masks and emphasizing that Liberia can be free if everyone adheres to said methods.

“We are here to help each other fight this disease together. Please wash as many times as possible and wash your locally made mask before and after using it”. She told market women.

During the campaign, Liberia Crusaders for Peace Executive Director Julie Endee also donated food and other hygiene materials to superintendents and health teams of the 15 counties.

“The government started this process in Monrovia so we decided to extend it to the counties to buttress the government’s efforts,” Amb Endee told citizens in Grand Bassa County.

The distribution process ended in Bong County where the Superintendent of the county Esther Walker expressed gratitude to Amb. Endee and her team reaching out to the counties. This was also backed by citizens who expressed their thanks to Amb. Endee for the education and what they described as her kind gesture.