Grand Bassa: Money Exchangers Want CBL Retrieve Mutilated Liberian Banknotes


By: King Brown
(Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

Several money exchangers in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County are calling on the Central Bank of Liberia to distribute new Liberian dollars banknotes to commercial banks in the county and retrieve the mutilated banknotes from the market.

Josephus Boegbah, one of the money exchangers, said there are lots of mutilated banknotes at various local banks in the county and it is having a negative effect on money exchangers on a daily basis.

Mr. Josephus Boegbah

According to Mr. Boegbah, forty percent of the money they withdraw from the banks, are all mutilated, as customers are not willing to accept it, something he said is causing serious problem to their businesses.

He is calling on the CBL governor to come to their aid by removing the mutilated money out of those banks and distribute new ones.

Mr. Boegbah added, “The government brought about four billion in this country and we as money exchangers we have not seen the money that government printed to ease our stress, CBL need to do us a fair dealing by taking the mutilated money from those banks and distribute the new Liberian banknotes so that we can enjoy the usage of the Liberian dollars and live happily in our country.”

Mr. Boegbah alleged that the local banks are not cooperating with them as money dealers whenever they take the mutilated money back to them for changing.