MONSU Rejects Weah Step Down Protest


At a conference broadcast on social media, heads of the Montserrado County Student Union (MONSU), calls for a halt to the planned  December 30, 2019 protest in Liberia .

The groups through their President Ibrahim Brodee ,termed the protest as undemocratic and one only intended to brink about chaos in Liberia and  to interrupt the already hard earned fragile peace .

“We believe this is undemocratic, and we are asking students of Montserrado County to desist from the most talk about protest” he said .

The group said judging from historical past, students mostly suffered during these kinds of undemocratic protests in Liberia and other parts of the world.

” With history on our side as student, we have read about violent removal of sitting Presidents in Liberia and around Africa which has been marked by violent and blood shared, with students paying the highest price “Said Ibrahim Brodee.

He lamented ,“ We the people of Liberia , the Students , the Citizens, we need peace and cherish peace without selfish interest”.

At Wednesday’s conference, MONSU  President also called on Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon, to back off from the Council of Patriots scheduled  protest for December 30th “Weah Step down” saying it doesn’t reflect the people’s views who elected him in the  recent Montserrado County Senatorial election.

The student group argued that  President George Weah ,  can only be remove through legal constitutional process and not violent means.

Meanwhile, President Bordee lauded Alternative National Congress (ANC) Political Leader, Alexander B. Cummings, for denouncing his support for the planned protest , saying such demonstrated his love for country and the rule of law.

In another development, the Montserrado County Student Union President also paid tribute to fallen stateman, Cllr. Charles Walter Brumskine .

He said the death of Cllr. Brumskine is a great lost to the nation because he was an accomplished servant, and contribution to student’s development and  advocacy throughout Liberia something he said will greatly  be missed in Liberia .

“Cllr Brumskine contribution  to students was remarkable and will be missed as a legal scholar” he noted .

Commenting further on promoting and supporting education, the Group President also urged  members of the Montserrado County Legislature caucus to advocate for more budget towards education, justifying that education for Liberians mainly the youths is needed now.