Montserrado-Base Marylanders Declare Support to Rep. Isaac Roland’s Senatorial Bid


Politics in Maryland County ahead of December 8 senatorial elections have now started gaining momentum.

Maryland is one of Liberia’s Southeastern Counties with close boarder to neighboring Ivory Coast and has representation at the Capital Building just as all other counties in Liberia.

As the senatorial elections get closer, politicians from or in the county have started dispatching their political ventures to win the hearts of the people.

The side of current Maryland County Lawmaker Rev. Isaac Blalu Roland political space was portrayed over the weekend with some citizens from the county residing in Montserrado County surrounding their support to his senatorial bid.

Over the weekend, about hundreds of individuals from different groupings gathered on 12th Street, Sinkor to officially declare their support for the representative decision to exceed at the senate.

The program organized by the Kudewien Development Association in Monrovia according to the organization comes in the wake of the “much closeness and sensibility of representation” demonstrated by Rep. Roland over the years at the House.

The ceremony brought together leaders and citizens of Kudewien Towns to include Grand Cavalla, Fish, Rock and Middle Towns in Maryland.

Also represented at the program were presidents, youth leaders, women leaders, yederobo Administrative District Development Association among others.

According to the organizations’ statement their support for senatorial candidacy in their county (Maryland) is essential to them and should be given to someone who they believe is passionate about the progress of that part of Liberia.

The Montserrado-Base Marylanders said their proclamation is cardinal and will lead to the socioeconomic development and economic growth of the county and its people.

“A support which is fundamental in setting the developmental pace for our generation and county at large” they noted.

Their declaration also unveiled that the two terms Maryland District 3 Representative is the only lawmaker who according to them has bridged the wide gap between leaders and the people of the county.

They added that past and present leaders of the county except him fail to realize their root of origin when ascended to the highest government decision making body.

This, the citizens noted is not being observed from their “chosen one”, Isaac Blalu Roland, who they believe is best suited for the senate in delivering the expected goods for Maryland County.

Meanwhile, Representative Isaac Blalu Roland cautioned the Montserrado-Base Marylanders to stick to their political promise and not to be misled by what he calls “fake politicians” who are unwilling to serve the county.

He however assured the county of his best deliverance if elected to the senate as expected by them.