Montserrado County Dedicates Peace Park In Honor Of President George Weah As Fifty Sierra Leonians Get Liberian Citizenship


At a welcoming ceremony Monday President George Weah encouraged his new people to be guided by the laws and good principles of this nation.
“Be respectful and come with more values and integrities”, Dr.Weah urged his new citizens.
He brags that the certification program is a testimony that he believes in pan Africanism and regional integration.
Dr. Weah praised relevant collaborating parties/partners and agencies of government for making what he calls a historic ceremony a reality.
After following best International Migration standards through the LRRRC without coercion the fifty Sierra Leonians now Liberians after seeking refuge in Liberia for about fifteen years in refugee camps across the country saw the need and agreed to become citizens of Liberia pledging to abide by the Constitution and other national regulations and or legal instruments of this nation.

At the same time Montserrado County Local Government named peace Park in honor of President George Weah as the Liberian leader assured his people of more work including tangible deliverables and less talk.
The recognition and honor according to Superintendent Florence Brandy is in fulfillment of President Weah’s contributions to the County and its people when he was Senator, she said.
“Though we still have some challenges but during your time as Senior Senator along with the caucus we achieve some milestones as a county”,Superintendent Brandy noted.
She said the people of montserrado county are happy to received their son not as a senator rather a president of the land.
In brief remarks the Liberian leader said to insult the President Is not talking”, adding that working together as a team to promote one developmental pro poor agenda is key,he added.
President Weah speaking Monday July 23,2018 at the dedication of the President George M.
Weah peace park reminded his cabinet ministers that there will be no second chance for them if they don’t perform.
According to him he is pragmatic as such he will do more visible work for his people and country and not be distracted by empty talks from opposition without solutions.
” If there is no road in the south east, we will built more roads,if there is no decent housing units in West Point, We will built over two thousand houses for our people, the Red Light road project will begin on July 28,2018,these are amongst the many practical actions my administration will take and we will not succumb to opposition criticism,Dr. Weah pointed out.
It is time Ambassador Weah encouraged all Liberians to thing positive about their Country,change your negative mindset about your country because biblically he noted that life and death lies in the power of a man’s tongue as such if you profess evil for your country so shall it be but if you say good things about your nation it will come to past and you all will enjoy and or benefit, he told His over four million people.