“Most OF Today’s Churches Do Not Serve the Spiritual Needs Of the People” Says, Rev. Dr. Tolbert T. Jallah


The Regional Executive Director of the Faith and Justice Network (FJN) of Liberia Rev. Dr. Tolbert T. Jallah has alarmed that today churches do not serve the spiritual needs of their people instead, they have compromised their moral integrity for politicians’ money.

“Today’s churches that have mushroomed all over the country do not serve the spiritual needs of the people. Many regard the emergent churches as business concerns where the issue of money is more dominant”

he stated.

According to him, the church which is regarded as a moral conscience of society today do not speak out about injustice in society simply because they want to get rich. He also said, instead of converting people to Christianity, they are building schools and hospitals and praising political elites of the day.Rev. Jallah made the assertions recently when he served as motivational speaker at a lecture series organized by the National Student Christian Council (NSCC) in Monrovia on the topic” The Role of the Church with Governement”.

The ordained Lutheran priest said that the church is silent and needs to speak truth to power. He stressed the need for constructive engagement and critical solidarity, despite the church internal divisions which may raise questions about its integrity.“ The churche in Liberia claim to speak for the silent majority, what is required as a matter of urgency is for the church to rouse itself from the state of occasionally talking in its sleep. I think the church must speak about contemporary issues in Liberia like assets declaration, asset freeze, corruption, bring back our money campaign, legal reform, national security, abortion, same sex marriage, gender justice, rape ect.Should we decide to speak out, we need to be consistent, focused, fearless, and clear” Dr. Jallah noted.

Dr. Jallah used the occasion to admonish the young followers of Christ to make the difference as they anticipate reaching their higher heights. He emphasized that the need of the jobless, hungry and homeless shouldn’t be ignored or neglected to secure a sustainable peace. Rev. Jallah amongst other things stated that the church of Liberia has a moral right and obligation to defend the common good against vices that undermine peace and justice, noting that overcoming poverty in our nation requires a continuing commitment.