Mother of 6 Years Old Victim of Caustic Soda Appeals For Advanced Medical Attention to Rescue the Life of Her Child


A Mother of a six-year-old caustic Soda victim Meima Scott is appealing for assistance to ensure her child life is rescue.

Varney Johnson age six who hailed from Bomi County in 2016 innocently drank caustic Soda which damaged his esophagus and is now living in pain.


Currently he does absolutely everything from a tube that is inserted on his stomach.

According to his Mother Meima Scott the incident occurred behind her back when she went on the farm to look for food for her family while a lady in the community had the caustic soda placed by Varney but never thought he would have drank it.

Since 2016 Varney health situation is not improving and requires advance treatment, said narrated.

Meima, a single mother of five is now the head of the family after her man she noted abandoned her since 2016 due to Varney’s situation as his entire family, she allege does not care for she and her children.

Explaining further she noted that life is increasingly getting unbearable for her because she is alone in her struggle with no one to assist her.

Additionally, she pointed out that her fourteen years old daughter is also pregnant in Bomi County while her other children are left rooming the streets with no one to take care of them because she is in Monrovia seeking solution to her six years old child poor health condition.

“People refused to allow us stay in their homes due to his Varney’s condition, she added.

At times he (Varney) Meima stressed vomit on himself and feels weak, no appetite and weight loss among others things.

She told KMTV News that attempt in 2018 was made to conduct surgery on varney but it did not materialize as his one year Visa got expired in the United States of America where he went to seek advance treatment and he is now back in Liberia without the conduct of the surgery as expected and his condition worsening by the Day.

“Your please help me save the life of my son, he is dying slowly”, Meima in tears intoned.

Meima is currently residing up Ducor in Central Monrovia where she is striving to make life as begging in streets corner just to feel she and her child is now the order of the Day for her.

Innocent Varney is now living by the mercy of God with tube inserted on his stomach and is surviving on milk, juices and other soft food.

She is currently appealing  for urgent assistance from humanitarian individuals, Groups, Government officials and many more through (+231-0779048262/+231-0886034058)to help save her Son’s life, Meima added.