Mother of Little Sarafina Walker Appeals for Assistance to Save Her Daughter’s Life


By Bryan Dioh (Maryland Correspondent)

Little Sarafina Walker might not gain her normal status if she doesn’t get proper medical attention. Sarafina got burnt by fire in Maryland County in 2018. The mother of little Sarafina Walker is calling for support to help her child seek medical attention.

According to Sarafina’s mother, the incident occurred when Sarafina was seated near the to warm herself and suddenly fell asleep and eventually fell into the fire which burned part of her hair.

“I took her to the hospital when they told me and some people helped us to take pictures of her flesh from her feet and stick it on her head, but still my brother my daughter is still feeling very sick.

Each time the moon is up, she is almost acting crazy and even when I sent her to bring me something she will bring different thing instead of what I asked her to bring,” Theresa Walker narrated

She further mentioned that since she took her daughter to the JJ Dossen Hospital, her husband is yet to be seen.

“My brother since I brought this, my daughter, to Harper her father has never come behind me to help me carry her to hospital and get our daughter better.

I think if people can help me to get my child head fixed, make her like a normal human being I will be very happy and thank God. If they take her from here and carry her out of Maryland she will try to be better. I’m begging people to come and help me so that my child can be safe.”

Little Sarafina is not living normally as she cries often for her head as a result of the burn.