The Margibi Chapter of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), National Cyclist Brigade, has endorsed the senatorial bid of Margibi District #2 Lawmaker Hon. Ivar K. Jones in Kakata, Liberia.

Motorcyclists from across the five electoral districts of the County over the weekend gathered at the Nancy B. Doe Sports Stadium endorsing and committing themselves to elect Hon. Jones comes on December 8, 2020.

Hon. Ivar K. Jones

The Secretary-General of the CDC-NACB Margibi chapter, Jeremiah Dennis, reading the endorsement statement said, motorcyclists of District#1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 under the banner CDC National Cyclist Brigade have followed the many development activities of Hon. Jones and it on the basis coupled with the support of the passengers they carry on a daily basis, were endorsing Rep. Jones.

Women, Elders, Christian, and the Muslim communities gathered on the 30th day of October 2020 to endorse his senatorial bid on the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) ticket.

He noted that their decision is in compliance with Article 17 of the Liberian Constitution which states that “all persons have the right to assemble, associate fully with others or refuse to associate with a political party, trade unions, and other organizations.”

He said their gathering was in fulfillment of that as he stressed “We gather here today in fulfillment of that, and also in line with our political democratic and inherent right guaranteed by Article one of the Liberian Constitution which gives us the power as people and citizens to choose or elect who should be our leader or who should be given our power or votes.”

Mr. Dennis said motorcyclists in the County having known Hon. Jones is one of their kind.

He said their lawmaker is truly a grassroots as he started off riding a motorcycle, got involved in petite business thus becoming an entrepreneur, and has ascended to  Representative of district #2.

He said due to his ascendency and love for his kinsmen, they are pleased to recognize and show a sign of gratitude to him for his splendid performance as a Representative of Margibi County for the last two and a half year.

He narrated that it is due to the leadership ability of Rep. Jones that the people of district two can boastfully talk about a well-constructed district office, the establishment of the District Two Development Council (DTDC), and the ongoing completion of a police station in the Barclay Farm Community to enhance security in the area.

Additionally, Jeremiah averred that the Lawmaker’s consistent humanitarian effort has contributed to the human resource development through the provision of scholarships and financial aids to deserving individuals in the District and the County at large.

He named the ongoing construction of additional four classrooms for the elevation of the Charlesville Public School to a full senior high school, the continuous and persistent provision of street lights for the citizens of Cotton Tree, and the donation of medical materials to all public health facilities and some private health centers as some initiatives of Hon. Jones in a period of two and a half years.

According to him, the Lawmaker being developmentally oriented opened a modern radio station called “Farmington FM” in Congo Town, Cotton Tree to enhance information dissemination across Margibi and Liberia at large.

Jeremiah Dennis on behalf of the group vowed that as they go on their feet serving as campaign ambassadors and foot soldiers for the CDC Candidate, they will leave no stone unturned until he is elected Senator for Margibi County comes December 8, 2020.

Margibi District#2 Representative Ivar Jones celebrating with Motorcyclists.

In response, Representative Jones accepted the motorcyclists’ endorsement and at the same time expressed his willingness to working with them in ensuring that the dream and aspiration of Margibi County, the cyclists, and the wellbeing of Margibians and all other Liberians be met.

The CDC Senatorial Candidate informed the group that they made no mistake in endorsing his candidacy on grounds that the endorsement that was being read is a reality that can be seen, touch, and are visible.

Jones contribution to Motorcyclists:

Recounting his contributions to motorcyclists in the Country, Hon. Jones said when LMTU wanted to build a Vocational Center he made available the amount of five hundred United States dollars as his own contribution towards the project.

Additionally, the Lawmaker said, he has been able to organize workshops for motorcyclists on several occasions, and when one of the motorcyclists, PCK was killed in district #5 which led to a demonstration and the subsequent arrest of some cyclists and citizens he stood with them.