Nimba: Motorcyclists, Other Pressure Groups to Stage Massive Protest in Demand of Justice

By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Correspondent Nimba County)
On the night of March 8 this year,18-year-old motorcyclist Samuel Selleh, was allegedly gruesomely murdered in the hands of the former Deputy Police Commander of Ganta, Mr. Sensee Kowo.
The corpse of the victim is still kept at the Gompa Funeral Home in Ganta while the accused has since been disrobed and is currently in pre-trial detention at the Sanniquellie Central Prison.
But of recent, the victim’s father Mr. Selleh alarmed that he has received calls from people (he failed to named) believed to be the friends of Mr. Kowo pleading with him to see reason and give a go-ahead for the boy’s remains to be laid to rest.
On the contrary, Mr. Selleh sees this as an attempt to have him compromise the painful death of his son.
Against this backdrop, motorcyclists in the county and other solidarity groups have resolved to stage a mass peaceful protest in Nimb beginning with Ganta City in an effort to attract the government’s attention so that the trial of the case can resume.
Our reporter gathered that the motorcyclists will also be buttressed by other concerns and aggrieved pressure groupings in the protest which is expected to be held on Monday. 21 September 2020.
Various pressure groupings that will form part of the daylong march are,Β  Concern Nimbaians, Aggrieved Youths of Peace Community where the deceased lived prior to his demised. Aggrieved Citizens of Gbuyee and Neighbein,Β  paternal and maternal homes of the victim respectively.
The groups will be divided into particles and assemble at targeted areas around the trade City of Ganta with placards in their hands from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm.
According to Mr. Emmanuel A. A. Sarty, the regional head of the Federation of Motorcycles and Tricycles Union of Liberia (FOMTUL), this first phase of the protest will be absolutely peaceful but if there is no satisfactory response from the government in dispensing a timely and fair justice, their next step will be to disrupt the forthcoming December 8 Special Senatorial Election.
At the same time, Mr. Abayomi Wiefue, the Co-chair of the Concern Nimbaians Advocacy Group says, they are not going to settle down for dialogue anymore because they have been patient and resilient since the incident occurred in early March.
Β “We employed all our diplomatic tactics and it seems to not be working for justice to dispense the boy.”
The last time motorcyclists staged a protest in demand of Justice was September of 2015 and it was a very bloody and violent saga where a lot of properties were destroyed, at least one person was killed, several wounded, and dozens were arrested by police at the time our reporter is quoted as saying.
The 2015 protest has been classified as the deadliest in the county since the Liberian civil crisis which lasted for fourteen long years.
Although organizers of the daylong protest have vowed that the march is going to be very peaceful, they are going to set roadblocks at strategic places across the trade City of Ganta.
Few citizens are also expressing fear that there may be a repeat of the historic September 2015 saga.
More details are emerging.