Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) Begins Nationwide Donations


The Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) on Thursday commenced the distribution of huge consignment of food and non food items to the people of Liberia.

The project which is expected to go across the country was first surfaced at three communities as the part its actuality.

The donation contains thousands of begs of rice , preventive materials and detergents for the fight against the coronavirus.

As the result of the initiative, the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) presented three communities 52 begs of rice including preventive materials and detergents on Thursday May 28, 2020.

The communities included Roto Community on Airfield, Sinkor; Doe and Banjor Communities.

Doe and Roto Communities were given 16 begs of rice, preventive materials and detergents each, while Banjor Community received 20 begs of rice along with non food items.

According to the MPC Acting Political Chairman Mr. O’neal Passaway, the first batch of the donations is the demonstration of a ” strong commitment” that will flow in the entire in the country.

The Opposition Political Party Acting Chair noted that with commitment as promised or non-promised project will strengthen the faith of electorates in believing politicians when promises are made.

He added that Liberia is a nation of high liability which can turn itself when much is done for all regardless of any status, politics, relation among others.

On the other hand, the Movement for Progressive Change Political Leader Simeon Freeman who is spare-heading the project has raised concern over opposition political party engagement on the ruling establishment (CDC).

According to the MPC Political Leader, though his tough talking was noticed in the Corridors of the past Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime, but was not too sufficient to have met the line of opposition political party.

Mr. Freeman while distributing the food and non food items to the beneficial communities highlighted the need for opposition impact to be felt and not just criticizing ruling party.

The Political Party head added that “is a good thing to be an opposition political party but helping to serve the people you claim government is not serving well is import for the growth of Mama Liberia”.

Meanwhile, beneficial communities hailed the Movement for Progressive Change for the “kind gesture” undertaken.

According to the community leaders and dwellers the project is timely and has an ” impact essence” that will reach to the masses.

They at the same time acknowledged works done by the political party over the years, something according to them is remarkable.“We will never forget this because it said the stake that a man holds to rescue himself while drowning will never be forgotten”, they said.